Service Dog Didn’t Know How to Socialize Until He Met His Kitten Sister

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Meet Samson, a socially awkward service dog that does not know how to interact with other dogs and humans. He first joined the family when he was brought in to become a medical respondent, but because of how he was trained he finds it difficult to just have fun.

They were struggling to figure out how to help Samson make friends, but the answer came to them one day when they were walking and Samson saw a kitten in a shop. For the first time, he immediately wanted to play with it. That gave them the idea of getting him a kitten sister.

When Cleo arrived, everything changed. Samson would not leave her side and would always be cuddling up to her. It was the start of a lifelong friendship between the two.

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As people who love to go on adventures and hikes, the family would bring along their pets. Cleo wasn’t really made of long walks, so they tried putting her on Samson’s back and it was a game changer. Samsong looked so proud to be carrying his sister.  Now, all their trips look like this. Cleo chilling on her brother’s back.

For the full story, the video is below for you to enjoy.

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