From Sleeping on Tiles to Jumping with Joy: The Story of Arnia’s Recovery

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Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. They’re focused on rescuing abandoned and abused dogs from streets, overcrowded shelters, and other unsuitable places to help them find a loving forever home. But they also run a Youtube channel that does a wonderful job at documenting the recovery of their animals for us to see. Many of these stories are wonderful tales of recovery for some of the most mistreated and abandoned animals you can find and they are always heartwarming.
Arnia_Dog Rescue
For some of our eagle-eyed readers, you might notice this isn’t the first time we’ve covered the stories of Howl Of A Dog. Last time we made a short article regarding one of their rescued animals, an emaciated and frightened dog named Alma, and she actually makes an appearance in the video that we’ll be talking about today. 

If you dog lovers remember that article, you’ll also remember how Alma wasn’t the only dog in that garage yard, in fact, there were plenty of abandoned dogs that needed rescuing in that area, and the amount of hungry and neglected dogs in that area is part of the reason why Alma was so scared and hungry. 

She was the runt of the litter that couldn’t fight for almost any of the scraps they got until rescuers were able to take her and help her on the road to recovery, and the same could be said about the other dogs in that garage yard and Howl of A Dog managed to rescue four of them. This is the story of one of those four dogs, her name is Arnia.

When rescuers found her, she was in a very poor state, her condition wasn’t the best, and she needed help. She was emaciated, anemic, dehydrated, had muscular spasms, and suffered from giardiasis, an infection in the small intestine caused by a parasite called the Giardia Lamblia

When rescuers had found Arnia she was among several other dogs, just like Alma, in a rundown garage yard. Despite it being a sunny day when rescuers arrived on the scene, it was still very cold, and the dogs of that yard used a pile of leftover clay tiles as their bed because it was the warmest place they could find to lie and sleep on.

Despite the state that she was in, Arnia was a strong, brave, and sweet soul. She did not growl or attack rescuers, nor was she afraid of them, she even allowed one of them to touch her after she knew she would be safe with them. At the time of her rescue, she was approximately 2-3 years old and only weighed 6 kg (13 lbs) which was heavily underweight for a dog of her size. 

However, despite all this, she still had the behavior of a small puppy. When she was feeling better, after several months of treatment, she could zip around, jump with joy, and play with pretty much anything she could find around the yard. As if she was trying to make up for lost time! Just goes to show you how all dogs are wonderful and beautiful creatures, with just a little love and patience.

With such a kind and sweet soul, you can’t help but root for her recovery when you watch her play around with a happy face. After the treatment for her heartbreaking conditions, she spent several months recovering and having a wonderful time with her rescuers. While she is still shy when it comes to walking around in the park or interacting with other dogs, you can be sure it’s just because she’s not used to her new environment yet, and you can bet that that will change over time too.

 Overall Arnia’s recovery is one of the most heartwarming things you’ll see today, you can even see her do some simple tricks and behave well, not to mention that Arnia is just an adorable dog to look at! And unlike some other dogs, she actually enjoys her routine check-ups at the vet!

When you compare Arnia now to when she was found, the difference truly is night and day. From a sickly and weak dog sleeping on hard clay tiles to stay warm to a wonderfully friendly and well-behaved dog and it was all possible due to the efforts of kind-hearted rescuers who really put their all into making sure these neglected, abandoned, and mistreated animals are given a second chance at life. 

Now you can see Arnia smile, play, and run around with joy in her life because of the support and love from wonderful people. 

You can watch this short video of Alma over at Howl of A Dog’s Youtube channel or you can click here, you can also watch Alma’s recovery story there or you can read about it here (link to previous Alma dog story). 

Now all Arnia needs is to find a nice forever home and we here at I Love My Dog So Much wish her all the best and hope that she can find a home she deserves and a family that deserves her just as much.

Arnia isn’t the only rescued dog out there that needs a home, several dogs just like her are rescued every day and go through the same process of recovery, and they can be just as loving and sweet as Arnia here. If you’re considering getting a new dog, regardless if you’re a first-time dog owner or not, make sure to visit the local shelter first. Who knows maybe you’ll find a lovely rescued pet there that is just as sweet and loving as Arnia or a pet that really deserves to find a nice forever home?

To our dog-loving audience out there, remember that love and patience go a long way when it comes to our favorite canine companions if we want to form lifelong bonds with them.

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