Animal Balance + I Love My Dog So Much: A Call to Raise Funds for Free Veterinary Care in Navajo Nation

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In a world that has faced insurmountable challenges in the past year, many individuals have been working hard to try to help those who have been struggling — that includes our furry friends who don’t get the proper care and treatment that they deserve.

Not everyone can go out of their homes and help, even if they wanted to. Good thing there’s a non-profit organization like Animal Balance.

Animal Balance pop up clinic

Animal Balance provides communities with animal care services through pop-up clinics.

Animal Balance is a global non-governmental organization and its mission is to collaborate with communities in need to create humane non-human animal management programs.

They often go to areas that don’t have much access to proper veterinary care. Each of their Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospitals (MASH) is flexible and is created to be able to transform any area into a fully functioning high-quality spay and neuter clinic.

Animal Balance

Animal Balance, a wonderful non-profit organization, will be providing free veterinary care at a pop-up clinic for the Navajo Nation in New Mexico for 3 days in August!

In August of this year, they will be going to the Ramah Chapter, a smaller Navajo Chapter located in New Mexico that doesn’t have access to veterinary services. The nearest one is a 2-hour drive away with long wait times and pricey services. As a result, people in the area choose to not put in the hard effort of traveling and spending, which has had a severe impact on the animals living in the area.

To help the Ramah Chapter, Animal Balance will be providing free spaying/neutering services, vaccinations, parasite medications, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. They will also attend to any other medical conditions they can in the pop-up clinic. Their goal is to treat and sterilize 200 animals in 3 days this August.

The total cost for spaying/neutering services will be $17,000. I Love My Dog So Much Foundation will be donating $5,000 to help this cause that is close to our hearts. But we need your help to raise the remaining $12,000.

Please join us in our efforts to support this great cause to help the Navajo overpopulation crisis and the community.

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